Workshop IV: KPI Workshop

The workshop took place in Brussels on 28th January 2016.

Scope and objectives of the workshop:

  • The DISCERN workshop will aim to discuss the findings and experiences (positive and negative) of using a KPI based approach for project evaluation with other Smart Grids projects in order to evaluate the level of applicability of KPIs for this purpose.
  • With feedback from project implementers, we hope to establish whether KPIs present a viable solution to analyse project performance and what has been learnt from the exploitation. To support the approach, we will review the use of KPIs to validate simulations and discuss whether this is a practical and realistic approach to directly address the issues of missing data and determine if it is valid to extend the analytical approach to draw comparisons across projects.
  • Different fields of applications (“levels of KPIs”: regulation, research and business) will be also considered during the workshop.
  • The output of the workshop will be a set of recommendations based on the experiences and discussion about if KPI are a valid approach for evaluating Smart grid projects in the future and if yes, for what under which circumstances.

Target audience:

Relevant to all parties that are interested in scoping, creating, developing, structuring and using KPIs for performance monitoring and evaluation of existing projects, new projects or overall distribution network operation. This would include (but not be limited too):

  • Distribution system operators (operations, asset management, regulatory and research and innovation responsibilities)
  • Academic and research institutes
  • Regulatory bodies and authorities
  • European development projects
  • Standardisation bodies
  • Network asset vendors and developers

Experts invited:

Luca Lo Schiavo
Juan Luis Garrote Molinero    
Giovanni Massa
Rolf Apel
Irene Aguado Cortezón
Michael Laubheimer
Henrik Dam
Victoria Gerus
Paul Cuffe
Gareth Robert Bissell
Rieke Bärenfänger
Nico Keyaerts
Italian Regulatory Authority
Schneider Electric / DREAM
European Commission
European Commission
EDSO4SG / evolvDSO
University College Dublin / evolvDSO
ENEL / Isernia project
University St. Gallen / DREAM
Vlerick Business School / STORY

Further information: